Hy-Vee Foundation Scholarship - Due February 10, 2018

To be eligible for this scholarship you must: be a senior working for Hy-Vee or subsidiary who began employment on or before September 15, 2017 or a senior son and/ or daughter of a full-, regular-, or part-time Hy-Vee or subsidiary employee who has a minimum of six months employment as of Sept. 15, 2017 AND you also must be enrolling into college for the first time.

If you qualify for this scholarship see Mrs. Thorsbakken


Iowa Engineering Society Scholarship- Due February 12, 2018

The Iowa Engineering Society's Central Iowa Chapter offers a scholarship to graduating high school seniors interested in pursuing an engineering degree. The scholarships are awarded only to U.S. Citizens who are residents of Iowa and who will be attending the College of Engineering at either Iowa State University or the University of Iowa. Please check your email for more details.


Graceland University Full Tuition Award - Due February 15, 2018

Graceland University has started a new program involving Iowa students for the Fall of 2018.  It is called the Iowa Scholars program and it guarantees a full-tuition award along with an Alumni professional career mentor.  Graceland is guaranteeing full-tuition awards for Iowa High School Graduates for the Fall of 2018 that meet the following criteria: 

High School Seniors must have a cumulative 3.00 GPA and 21 on the ACT

File a 2018-2019 FAFSA (GU code= 001866) by the deadline.

For more information on what Graceland has to offer go to:


Matthew Shepard Scholarship - Due March 1, 2018

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must meet these qualifications:

  • GPA of 3.0 or better
  • ACT of 22 or better
  • Openly lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer
  • Demonstrate LGBTQ activism and community service
  • High moral and ethical standards and conduct


MCEC Technical Scholarship - Due March 1, 2018


Iowa Automobile Dealership Foundation for Education - Due March 1, 2018

Criteria for this scholarship is: must be committed to the pursuit of automotive-related studies, such as technician training, body shop/collision repair, diesel, new vehicle sales, parts sales, accounting, or business administration.  Pick up an application from Mrs. Thorsbakken


IT Leadership Forum Technology Scholarship - Due March 1, 2018

The IT Leadership Forum Technology Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship awarded to Iowa high school seniors who have been involved in STEM classes or clubs and plan to pursue a technology-related degree at an Iowa college, university or community college.

To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria and provide the requested information:

1. The applicant must be an Iowa resident and high school senior graduating in the 2017-2018 school year.

2. A minimum 3.0 high school grade point average (4.0 scale) is required.

3. The applicant must plan to enroll as a full-time student and pursue a technology-related degree at an Iowa college, university or community college.

4. Complete the online application form:


DMACC Scholarship - Due March 2, 2018

DMACC is offering a scholarship for seniors only that offer a range from $250 to $1,000 towards your fall tuition.  If you miss the application deadline, you can still apply but you will be competing against other DMACC students.


University of Iowa-Iowa Farm Scholarship - Due March 5, 2018

To be eligible, you must: 

  • Plan to attend the University of Iowa
  • Demonstrate financial needs determined by FAFSA
  • Be an incoming full-time freshman student
  • Be ranked in the upper 25% of your class
  • And live on a farm with one or more parents and parents must be operating the farm
  • If you are interested, you can find the scholarship application at


Colfax-Mingo Scholarships - Due March 8, 2018

You MUST attend the Phone-a-thon on February 25 to qualify for these awards.

  • Hagarty Family Scholarship
  • Edwards Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Maynard L. & B Lou Jones Memorial Scholarship
  • Evan Freeman Scholarship
  • David Parker Memorial Scholarship
  • M Robert McCarey Memorial Scholarship
  • Dreda Gweneth (Edwards) McGill Legacy Scholarship
  • First State Bank of Colfax in Memory of Thomas J. Dentel
  • Tobin-Coats Scholarship
  • Kevin R. Bissell Memorial Scholarship
  • Please see your packets that were handed out for applications.  If you need a copy, please stop by the office.


Skiff Auxiliary Scholarships - Due March 29, 2018

Application MUST arrive prior to March 29, 2018.

Over $9,000 being given away this year through eight different scholarships

Eligibility: Any student living in Jasper County is eligible to apply.  The student must have documented academic credibility.

Application was sent by email to seniors.  If you need a copy, please see Erica.



Dr. Rebecca C. Maher Memorial Scholarship - Due March 31, 2018


  • Must be a current senior at Colfax-Mingo High School
  • Must be attending either a state university or a private college
  • Must submit a completed application by the deadline

Please see your email for more information. Apply at


Des Moines Officials Association Scholarship - Due March 31, 2018

To receive this scholarship you must play football and/or basketball during your senior year or be an official.  You also need to have a 3.0 gpa at the time of applying.  For more information regarding this scholarship, please check your email.


SFM Foundation Scholarship - Due March 31, 2018

This scholarship is for an Iowa student that has had a parent injured or killed in a work-related accident. For more information about eligibility go to their website at:


Des Moines Mothers of Multiples Scholarship - Due April 1, 2018

Scholarships for children born as a multiple.

In order to be eligible you must:

  • Be a multiple birth student (twin, triplet or higher order multiple).
  • Have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher
  • Submit two (2) letters of recommendation that state the strengths and character of the applicant. The name, address and phone number of the person writing the recommendation, as well as the nature of the relationship (cannot be an immediate family member) and the length of time the applicant has
  • been known by said individual, must be included.
  • Submit a 300-500 word essay discussing one of the following two topics:

a. Your educational plan stating how this scholarship will help further your education; or

b. How being a multiple has impacted you and advice you would give to parent(s) who are raising multiple-birth children.

  • The essay must be typewritten, double-spaced and printed on white paper only.
  • Provide an acceptance letter from the college, university, trade or vocation school you plan to attend or an enrollment verification letter from the registrar’s office if currently enrolled in the institution. An enrollment verification letter will also be required upon the start of the term.
  • Submit copies of Birth Certificates for the applicant and the multiple birth child(ren) in order to verify multiple birth family status.
  • Applications were sent to you by email.


Herschel Briles AMVETS Post 50 Scholarship - Due April 15, 2018

Applicants must be a child, grandchild, brother, or sister of an honorably discharged military veteran who served, or is presently serving, in any capacity.  Step-children, foster children and other children dependent upon the veteran for support, and living with the veteran in a regular parent-child relationship are also eligible.  A deceased veterans child is also eligible.  $500 scholarship.  Please stop by the office to pick up an application.


Pearl Hull Falk Scholarship - Due May 1, 2018

I have copies of the Pearl Hull Falk Scholarship available in my office. This is an $800 scholarship and to be eligible you must: be of the Protestant faith, be a resident of the State of Iowa, and be attending the University of Iowa full-time in the fall of 2018. The deadline for this scholarship is May 1, 2018 but it is never too early to start filling scholarships!


Iowa PGA Section Foundation Charlie Burkart Scholarship - Due June 15, 2018

Based on: your interest and activity in golf, your potential future contributions to the game, your leadership skills/ community involvement, and also on your academics and financial need. Please see Mrs. Thorsbakken for an application.


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